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Hazro HZ27WB

The Hazro HZ27WB is a 27" WQHD LCD Monitor aimed at discerning professionals in the graphic design, video editing, CAD/CAM and multimedia markets. The HZ27WB boasts a response time of 6ms which ensures rapid interchange between colours as you demand without streaking or ghosting - for seamless visual media performance. A superior resolution and enlarged workspace combine to create the ultimate work environment.

  • 2560 1440 native resolution
  • S-IPS 16:9 WQHD Panel
  • 10bit Color with 1.07billion Colors
  • 6ms Response Time
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio [80,000:1 dynamic]
  • 370 cd/m2 brightness
  • DVI-D Dual Link input
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490.80 inc VAT

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Video content bypasses scalers making the HZ27WB ideal for gaming and multimedia video production. The superfast 6ms response [grey to grey] minimises streaking and ghosting resulting in visibly less smear and blur around fast moving objects.

Featuring a 10bit S-IPS panel and a 2560x1440 resolution [WQHD], the HZ27WB is the monitor of choice for creative professionals and gamers who demand nothing but the very best. IPS panels are preferred for their superior true color values, the most consistent image and a superior viewing angle as compared to other LCD technologies.

A fully height adjustable stand complements the design and also allows for tilt and 90degrees rotation. Mounting to walls or adjustable arms is possible as the HZ27WB features both VESA 200x100 and 100x100 mounts without the need for any brackets or special adapters.

The HZ27WB features a anti glare 10bit S-IPS panel capable of displaying 1.07billion colours. This extended pallet outputs brighter, crisper and sharper content allowing for separation and distinction of colours not otherwise possible on traditional LCDs.

The HZ27WB features the narrowest and slimmest bezels of any WQHD monitor and is ideal for use in digital signage, video wall and DID applications. Thanks to its slim design, the gap between two neighbouring HZ27WB displays is only 32mm.

The HZ27WB is manufactured and assembled in the UK with the panel encapsulated in a powder coated metal enclosure. The monitor complements any professional workspace and is ideal for discerning professionals who take pride in their office/home setups.

With a 3.686 megapixel resolution, virtually all applications benefit from the extra workspace. With more room available for viewing tools, windows and color palletes, productivity and output is increased allowing you to deliver those time critical projects on time. The IPS panel makes the HZ27WB also ideal for use in collaborative environments as images won't appear distorted, torn or washed out even at extreme angles of up to 178 degrees.

With a static contrast ratio of 1000:1 [dynamic upto 80,000:1], dark and light shades become easily distinguishable without images taking on grey tones to cover up for the lack of detail. The result is shear brilliance with deeper blacks and vibrant whites resulting in crisper, sharper and more vivid images.

Although aimed at professionals in the creative and multimedia markets; the size, resolution and aesthetic properties of the HZ27WB makes it ideal for use in office, military, medical and light industrial environments. Built and assembled by Hazro in the UK, the HZ27WB can be modified and upgraded to include glass protection, touch screen as well as scaling functionalities.

The S-IPS panel is capable of displaying 1.07billion colours and the processor renders these colors with visibly less shift than most 8bit panels. Horizontal and vertcal banding is reduced with more gradient increments and steps between color shifts resulting in smoother transitions between colors.