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Hazro HZ30Wi e/f

The Hazro HZ30Wie/f 30" WQHD IPS LCD displays are ideal for graphics and visual media, where professional grade technology meets revolutionary design. The massive 4MP (2560x1600) WQXGA resolution brings a new dimension to on-screen graphics. For the performance-driven individual, the Hazro HZ30Wi e/f provides the ideal navigation perspective for your desktop in the home or office environment.

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Increased Efficiency & Output

S-IPS display technology delivers unsurpassed levels of colour saturation. It results in image clarity that allows for colours to be easily differentiated to bring unheard of precision and accuracy in visual reproduction. The 30" HZ30Wi e/f features a colour gamut of 112% NTSC which covers the complete AdobeRGB spectrum and encompasses the sRGB workspace entirely. When applied in colour critical applications the result is clear brilliance.

Wherever you need it most, the Hazro HZ30Wi e/f performs with consistency and clarity to optimise your visual experience. The Hazro HZ30Wi e/f recognises groundbreaking technology without compromising efficiency, whilst tailoring to the needs of the discerning, professional, user. The masterful design outside augments the genius within, with the Hazro HZ30Wi e/f collating top industry-spec innovation with rock-solid dependability to perform when you need it most, time and time again.

Larger Workspace = Increased Efficiency

With the Hazro HZ30Wi e/f, you can view perfectly rendered images without compromising on the space you need to take your creation from conception to fruition. View an uncompromisingly crisp, and sharp, output that won't strain your eyes in a resolution and pixel pitch that'll inject life into your work with piercing detail.

The Hazro HZ30Wi e/f offers three times the workspace of a standard 19” monitor and 77% more workspace than a 24" [16:9] display - allowing creative freedom and practicality. With quicker access to colour tools, palettes and document windows, the HZ30Wi e/f is proven to increase efficiency and output. Anyone can see the tangible results of being able to view two application windows side-by-side. Whether it's to look at a website and its code simultaneously, or if it's to streamline data-entry processes, the final result will still be improved efficiency – and, in the case of businesses, an impact on their bottom line.

Seamless Visual Media

The HZ30Wi e/f boasts a response time of 6ms which ensures rapid interchange between colours as you demand without streaking or ghosting - for seamless visual media performance. A superior resolution and enlarged workspace combine to create the ultimate work environment.